Northern Pike Fishing
Welcome to OZ Lake Lodge
the best Northern Pike fishing
Northern Pike are such a sought after game fish here at OZ Lake Lodge. Our Northern Pike fishing is both challenging and exciting.

At OZ Lake Lodge, most guests fish the northern as trophy fish, to get some great pictures while the Walleye are more typically kept for eating. We are known for some of the best Northern Pike fishing in Canada and North America. Northern are more aggressive. When they are hooked, they hit fast and hard and dive downward pulling your line. Large Northern may take several minutes to reel in, putting up a good fight, and may require you to tire them out before they come to the surface.

Northern Pike are very prolific throughout OZ Lake and the surrounding watershed and offer great sport all season. During peak season from ice-out through early July, you’ll present top – water plugs, spoons, bass spinner baits, Sluggo – type worms and “jerk baits” to concentrations of fish in shallow bays, creeks and rivers.

If there’s anything more exciting than seeing a large Northern Pike push a six inch wake towards your lure, let us know. In the meantime bring your camera and plenty of heavy duty line and experience real trophy Northern Pike fishing at OZ Lake Lodge.