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Experience some of the best fishing that Ontario has to offer!
Oz Lake Lodge in Pickle Lake, Ontario, Canada offers you a 20,000 acre lake with endless bays and coves for spectacular fishing opportunities for walleye and northern pike, and they are the only Resort on the lake, with quiet setting and wildlife in abundance. Oz Lake Lodge offers Motel units close to the lake with fully equipped kitchens and eating areas, as well as gas barbecues and the rates include all launching, docking and parking if you are coming to fish. Oz Lake Lodge also have two fully equipped furnished Cabins with separate bedrooms and living area and all linens provided, they sleep eight people and come with gas barbecues. Come for a tranquil stay in wilderness surrounds with incredible fishing opportunities, wildlife viewing and more, it’s all here.
Boats and Motors
We use 16 foot lund boats with 15 HP Mercury motors

Each boat has padded swivel seats, net, paddles, anchor, safety kit and life jackets.

Shore Lunch Kits
Shore lunch kits are available for use. They include plates, cutlery, 2 fry pans, pot, hot pads and utensils. Propane stoves are available.

We also have fish cookers available for use on shore or at camp. Propane is provided.

What you need to bring

Seasonal clothing is recommended for cool weather (warm coat and rain gear). Other suggested items:
  • toiletries
  • shoes/boots, coat/jacket, hat, sunglasses, sweater, gloves
  • spare rod, spare line, tackle box, lures, jaw spreader, small pliers, spare reel, stringer, screwdriver
  • small cooler, rain gear
  • matches, insect repellent, sunscreen, lip balm, pain reliever
  • compass, binoculars, camera, watch
  • any necessary prescription drugs
Some recommended tackle include jig heads and tails, spoons, top water baits.

Live bait is not really necessary, most artificial baits work well. If you do decide to use live bait, remember that you are using a barbless hook. Bait Stop will hold your bait on the hook and prevent it from slipping off.

The Ont. Government is not allowing some live baits to be brought in. If you really want leeches or minnows they can be purchased in Fort Francis, Dryden, Sioux Lookout or Ignace. We can usually provide minnows or leeches if notified in advance.

Fishing Highlights
  • High daily number of Walleye and Northern Pike
  • Fishing starts each year on the 3rd Saturday in May (Always the Saturday before memorial weekend) and runs until late September
  • First 3 weeks of season walleye are more plentiful in rivers and river mouths
  • Remainder of Season, walleye are caught in 6’–20’, averaging 8’ of depth. Water remains cool all year so fish are often found in shallow water compared with mid-summer fishing that many people are accustomed to
  • Walleye prefer rocky and gravelly areas, they feed at dawn, dusk and when it is overcast. They also prefer choppy weather. We typically cast or troll, as constant movement is preferable.
  • Northern will prefer shallow weedy areas, cold rocky areas and slow streams. Casting into the weeds and rocks. Spoons like a five of diamonds work well, however many northern will even bite on a jig.
  • Fishing on OZ is noted by customers as an outstanding fishery
  • Early season catches often approach 100 per day in each boat, with mid summer fishing seeing ranges from 20-60 per day.
  • Largest Northern Pike known 46”
  • Largest Walleye known 29”
Fishing Licenses
Purchase prior to arrival

All licenses require the purchase of an outdoors card

Outdoors Card: $9.68
8-day Sports License: $53.54
possession limit: 4 fish (of each species)

8-day Conservation License: $30.53
possession limit: 2 fish (of each species)

(1 year and 3 year licenses are also available)

Some purchase options:
In Ignace at Vern’s Minnows (great stop for Bait/tackle also)
in Dryden at Canadian Tire

Online at​